The complete guide to finding the perfect swimwear for your perfect body. vol 1: Large bust

There are a lot of guides about how to find the perfect swimwear for your body type. So why read yet another one? The one thing almost all of them all have in common is: They are focused on how to hide or minimize your supposed “flaws”. Our only goal: To make help you find the perfect swimwear for your perfect body.

So what do we mean by the perfect swimwear for your perfect body? Well it is quite simple, it is all about what you want and need. It can be about style, your personality or what we think is maybe the most essential part - about comfort. What makes you feel comfortable? Because let's face it,  whether you’re going to the beach, to the pool, surfing or playing with your kids – you really enjoy yourself more if you will comfortable. So let’s start!

Swimwear for large bust
The most common problem woman with large bust face is pain because of lack of support. Not only back pains, it can also be painful in the actual bust to run around and play on the beach.  So if you just want to tan in your sunbed then you can really chose any style you like but if you'll be moving around we recommend these two styles.

Molded Cups
Yes, we know you heard it before but this is actually the best support you can give your spine and bust. Swimwear with both molded cups and the underwire that comes with it will give you a lot of great support which will prevent future back pain. It does high-light your bust, so if that is something that makes you feel great then molded cups are for you! You can find them both in one piece swimsuits and bikinis. Here are some examples of styles:

One Piece Swimsuit Molded bra
This could also be a perfect swimwear style for you if you have larger bust. Bikinis with halterneck gives you a lot of support aswell since the straps are often wider both under the breast and around your neck. It also gives you the opportunity to choose how much cleavage you want to show off. Chose a larger size and tie it loosely to give less attention to your breasts (as loos as comfortable of course!) and the opposite to get a more defined cleavage. Here are some examples of styles:
Halterneck bikiniHalterneck Bikini
Do you have more styles you think are good for larger bust? Comment below and we'll look into it!

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